The Mission

We believe that gathering around the table to play games is one of the purest forms of bonding and interaction between friends and family. From the smallest card game to the largest euro-game. It is our mission to foster that opportunity by creating fun, unique, challenging yet accessible games.

About Squatchy Games

Squatchy Games was founded in 2019 in Colorado Springs, CO. The founder, Chip Cole, is a lifelong board game fan and through a series of events is now designing and producing games.

Chip's background is in graphic design and illustration, skills he has used for the past 23 years over a wide range of industries. More so in the past few years for other game publishers and game designers. With that newfound knowledge gained in the gaming industry it was time to build his design and publishing company and so Squatchy Games was born.

Squatchy Games is planning to release its first two titles in 2020 and currently has a development schedule laid out for the next few years.


Chip Cole

Founder and Renaissance Man