Harry's Place

A quick family-friendly worker placement, area manipulation, and resource management game.


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The Game

You are a lead server working at Harry's Place and the restaurant is packed with Monstomers! Over the course of your shift you'll dispatch a team of servers to the different food stations, gathering the items needed, to complete your Monstomers' orders.

As you serve the Monstomers they will give you tips in the form of chocolate chip cookies based on their happiness level. However, with each passing round, the Monstomers get more and more frustrated waiting for their food and will leave smaller tips. Eventually, they’ll leave the restaurant if they are not served fast enough. If that happens, plan on giving Harry some of your cookies. Harry doesn't like to lose Monstomers.

Sounds simple, right? Not so fast, because you’re not the only lead server working tonight. You'll be competing with other players who are trying to serve their Monstomers as well. Spaces are limited. The orders are piling up. It may be wise to share some of your cookies with the chefs, so you get the food you need first. If all goes well at the end of the night, you'll be the player with the most cookies to win the game.

Game overview

Deep in the Rocky Mountains, this Sasquatch-owned restaurant serves a unique menu of food to even more unique Monstomers. It’s going to be up to you to make sure they’re fed and happy. Do a good job, and you just may end up with the most cookies and crowned the winner.

Harry's Place is a quick family-friendly worker placement game with a dash of area manipulation and resource management.


  • 16 x Sasquatch server meeples
  • 60 x Monstomer cards
  • 4 x Manager cards
  • 4 x "I'll have what they're having" cards
  • 4 x Player mats
  • 5 x Server location boards
  • 20 x Monster Burger tokens
  • 20 x Freaky Fries tokens
  • 20 x Eye Scream Shake tokens
  • 20 x Hot Frog tokens
  • 20 x Fizzy Dew tokens
  • 80 x Cookie tokens
  • 1 x Rule book